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Facilitators for Family Education and Development Association (FFEDA) is a community based organization established in Munuki Area Block B, Juba County by a group of educators in 2006. The overall goal of FFEDA is to develop and improve human resources through access to quality education as well as fostering education in South Sudan..

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Project Proposal

Take a look at our detailed proposal which discusses how we run FFEDA and the various other projects being planned..

Current Projects

FFEDA is currently busying expanding the current school infrastructure. We are building more classes, libraries etc...

News and Updates

Check out the latest updates from our newsletter section and see what we are currently working on.

An appeal for help!

We are currently able to achieve the impossible, with kind donations from donors such as yourself.
Any small gift goes towards our various school projects.
We thank you in advance!

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FFEDA Tax information and registration

ffeda will be hosting a tax information session. Please register to find out more..

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We are located in Munuki Block B, a region in Juba, South Sudan. Use the map to find us...


munuki block b,
juba, south sudan

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PHONE: + 1 (211) 927-376-208

Tel: 780-940-9209