Who we are

FFEDA school year started on Februarby,1, 2016 until December  15,2016 ( one academic year).

FFEDA Moto Education is Light/To Build Nation Education is Priority One

School hour starts at 7 : 30 AM until  16 hours for Upper classes but up to 14 hours for lower classes

You can take a word from the bible/School fees ranges (see table for school fees)

School has two meals breakfast at 10. 30 AM while lunch at 13.30 the meals are made beans and rice sometimes bread and lentils FFEDA has small Kitchen to serve meals for pupils for breakfast and lunch.

School has small first aid services, such as provision of Iodine, Panadols etc and small farm for pupils to learn how to plant flowers, trees and to keep environment clean.


School has small library under responsibility of the Store Keeper Angela Benin, The Ministry Of Education plus UNICEF usually provide books for all classes .

Computer Lab still under preparation, one class room need to be provided with computers and ICT equipment.

Thanks to all Parents/On behalf of FFEDA management we would to like to take this opportunity, Thanks all parent for their support to school, through  their contribution of school fees, building and school uniforms.

Family Picnic

It was organized for pre-school pupils gradation, FFEDA organized a family Picnic one a big bus was hired to transport parents and their children to Prison Garden for whole day which made a lot of interactions between parents and children on the Play Yard with various entertainments equipment for children to enjoy the play such as songs, traditions dances, poets from Preschool pupils were graduated from TOP to P1

Activities at the School

Bible Study at the school every school Thursday evening for( P 5-P8)

Debate competition among school on and FFEDA school is the best School in conducting debate

Small garden for pupils to learn how to grow flowers, Songs, traditional dances etc

School fees to be paid on three installments at these percentage ( First installment 40 %,30 % and 30% respectively).

Pre-School (kindergarten)

ClassAmount (SSP)
Baby Class1,559
Middle Class1,517
Top Class1,517

Primary School

ClassAmount (SSP)
From P1, P2, and P31,417
From P4, P5, and P61,821

Time Table

P1 – P4 (Low Classes)7:30am – 2:00pm
P5 – P8 (High Classes)7:30am – 4:00pm
Arrival of Pupils27:30am
Par it or School Assembly8:25am
Class Started8:30am
Class 19:15am – 9:50am
Class 29:50am – 10:45am
Class 39:50am – 10:45am
Breakfast10:45am – 11:35am
Class 411:35am – 12:15pm
Class 512:15pm – 12:55pm
Short Break1:00pm – 1:35pm
Class 61:40pm – 2:20pm
Class 72:20pm – 3:00pm
Class 83: 05pm – 3:50pm
Dismissed of Classes4:00pm

News from School Schedule

The Parents and Teachers  Council was formed since 2010 and their major role is support the school management committee in handling their responsibilities so as to improve the quality of education and having good relationship between the school and parents as well as the entire community. The chairman of PTA Council requested all the members to come and attend meeting as to prepare plan& budget and assign responsibilities to members for the upcoming Parents Day

Two meeting were held during the current academic year to discuss the increment of the school fees due high cost of living and economic crises facing the South Sudan nowadays

FFEDA in processes of reorganize the PTA committee because and according to FFEDA constitution PTA is to work for 2 years and community has to elect new PTA to support the school.

The upcoming event as scheduled by December the parent day should take place with support from the Community.

Exams dates: Three Exams terms in one year academic year (first term exams in April for one week, second term exams in Sept and third term pupils exams in December final examination

In during the three school terms there are many tests scheduled to keep the pupils always are busy and be ready for exams

Report and cards dates: Usually the first ten pupils from various classes received results during the parent’s day and the rest will receive their results at school after payment of school fees